Battlestar Hypatia


Episode 1: Returning Home

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Following the events of 'Prelude to War', the Hypatia rushes back to the Twelve Colonies to warn Fleet Command of the Cylon aggression and that they now appear to have replicated human form.

Part of Season 1: Exodus

Episode 2: Paradise Lost

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Following the return to the Colonies, the Hypatia and her crew strike back at the Cylons while saving as many humans as possible.

Part of Season 1: Exodus

Episode 3: So Say We All

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After the fall of the Colonies, and the realization that to continue the fight against the Cylons will only doom the survivors, the Hypatia, Cerberus and Poseidon joined by the civilian fleet depart to find a new home.

Part of Season 1: Exodus

Episode 1: Prelude to War

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The peace with the Cylons has held for decades, however some in Fleet Command were still not as convinced about the true status of things. Despite earlier failed attempts, the Hypatia has been sent on a mission to the border of presumed Cylon territory to engage in surveillance operations and report back its findings. As the operation reaches its conclusion, everything goes to hell.

Part of Season 0: Before the Fall