Battlestar Hypatia

Continuing The Fight...

Total Military Survivors: 4,100
Total Civilian Survivors: 56,000
Total Survivors: 60,100

The Twelve Colonies, after a terrible war peace had finally been established and lasted for decades. Generations grew up in a world that had never known the horrors of mass destruction and unlimited warfare. Despite paradise seeming permanent, Fleet Command knew that there was always a chance that the demon would return some day.

The Battlestar Hypatia had been dispatched on a secret mission, jump to the edge of Cylon territory, deploy a specialized stealth Raptor and make sure the Cylons were keeping up their end of the bargain. Just as the raptor returned, numerous jumps were detected. Within seconds the Hypatia was surrounded by the enemy. Worst of all, through someone who had become a friend and confidante of many in the crew, the enemy was inside too. After a drawn out battle the Hypatia was left without a Commander, two hundred wounded and many more injured. Engaging in a last ditch effort to return home and warn the Fleet about the threat a blind jump was engaged just as the final nuclear warheads were about to destroy it once and for all. Now the Hypatia must ascertain the situation back home and proceed from there, the fight is not over.

The Hypatia is rated 18+ due to possible content inappropriate for minors. As part of this rating writters are allowed to:
Use swear and otherwise mature language
Post sexual content, though common sense restrictions related to common decency apply
Post graphic depictions of violence, though common sense restrictions related to common decency apply.

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Latest Mission Posts

» Colonial One

Mission: Episode 2: Paradise Lost
Posted on Mon Nov 18th, 2019 @ 5:59pm by Commander Aurore Graystone & President Julia Lucceia

In the past few days the Hypatia had taken in a lot of people. The decks of the ship were littered with makeshift beds as every single inch of space not needed in case of combat was used to provide a home for those that had lost everything. The situation…

» Going Home, Part 2

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Posted on Mon Nov 18th, 2019 @ 5:30pm by Commander Aurore Graystone & Lieutenant Emily Garner & Petty Officer, 1st Class Ava Viers & Captain Michelle "Ghost" Rochelle & Lieutenant Julian Durand & Chief Petty Officer Abel Yannik & Captain Joan Willow & Lieutenant Leonard Davies & Lieutenant Fabia Sagitarii & Lieutenant Dana Firelli & Lieutenant JG Zak Clellan & Lieutenant JG Jack Shaw & Ensign Kendra Belzen & Ensign Jurgen Bordan & Petty Officer, 1st Class Cyrus Stark & Crewman Specialist Hera Vireem & Deckhand Denise Kowalski & Master Sergeant Jacob Donovan & Corporal Michael Taylor & Private, 1st Class Gara Teed


In the words of her old CAG, they were in a big frakkin pile of crap. With three minutes on the jump left and dozens of Basestars with thousands of raiders approaching the already battered Battlestar things were not looking good. Furthermore, Fleet Command wouldn't go off-line, for something…

» Meeting with the CO

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Posted on Fri Aug 16th, 2019 @ 12:11am by Commander Aurore Graystone & Chief Petty Officer Abel Yannik

Abel had known the Colonel for a few years now, he had been the lead petty officer on the team that maintained her squads' vipers. He did a good job and she never had a complaint about how it flew which he couldn't say about many pilots he worked with.…

» The Deck of Debate

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Posted on Thu Aug 15th, 2019 @ 10:08pm by Chief Petty Officer Abel Yannik & Captain Michelle "Ghost" Rochelle

Abel was working on a broke down Viper, he was by himself because other teams were busy fixing the ships ready to be turned around quickly. The holes in the frame were bad but not beyond the ability to be patched but the electronics were causing more than a few…

» Remembering the Lost

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 6:02am by Commander Aurore Graystone

After her meeting with the Chief of the Deck Aurore found herself in a position she hadn't been in for two days now. Alone, and with time for herself. She had probably unconsciously made sure to constantly be busy with something, not that there wasn't a ton of work left…