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Missions - Episode 2: Paradise Lost

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Colonial One

Location: CO's Quarters, Battlestar Hypatia
On: Mission Day 2 at 1530

In the past few days the Hypatia had taken in a lot of people. The decks of the ship were littered with makeshift beds as every single inch of space not needed in case of combat was used to provide a home for those that had lost everything. The situation wasn't much different in the fifty or so ships that the Hypatia had picked up along the way. From transport ships holding a few dozen to entire flying cities that held thousands. Once they had time to rest for a second they would need to figure out how to divide the people across the ships, but for now even a microsecond seemed like a dream from a time long gone.

In the craziness of it all, tempers of course flared. The Marines spent more time keeping the order among the refugees than they were on preparing to fight the Cylons in case of a boarding. One person in particular had raised trouble however, even to the level that her staff felt only Aurore could handle it. Julia Lucceia was a Secretary in Adar's government, her position wasn't too prestigious but with the lack of anyone else from the government she probably was the highest civilian authority in the fleet. Aurore had heard of some kind of emergency system existing to determine the President in a crisis just like this. However for some reason those signals appeared to be down even though they were initially active.

Regardless, her complaints had started to escalate things on the lower decks and that was something she could not afford. "Let her in" Aurore said to her guard after which he opened the door to let the brunette woman step inside the quarters that now also served as her office. "Secretary Lucceia, I presume?" Aurore asked as she stepped up to extend her hand to the politician.

"Yes, Colonel. Thank you for finally making time to see me" Julia responded as she shook the hand.

"Please sit" Aurore said before doing so herself. "My apologies for the delay, military matters have kept me from dealing with politics. My staff informed me that you are unhappy about the accommodations."

"I am Colonel, I am not sure if you have been on the lower decks however the situation there is atrocious. Fights for scraps of food, children unable to get medical attention, while the military maintains full rations and has locked away the medical supplies. I demand you release all your resources to the civilian population." Julia said sternly.

Aurore couldn't help but remind herself of what the old man always said about politicians. Spoiled brats that never worked a day in their life, thinking they know how to run things better than the ones who have been running it their entire life.

"Madam Secretary, with all due respect. I do not answer to your department and this meeting is a courtesy. I have been on the lower decks and I am aware of the situation, I am also aware of the situation on every single ship that we have rescued since the Cylon attacks. My personnel needs to be at their maximum capacity for the daily engagements we have with Cylons. If even one of them performs at less than 100%, the very same people you now represent will die. Food and medical rations are released on the basis of military necessity and all will receive medical attention. That is however going to take time. Even before half our crew was killed the Hypatia was never meant to take care of this many people." Aurore said, looking Julia straight in her eyes to make sure she understood she was serious about this.

Julia sighed as she considered the response. "I am sorry to hear that, Colonel. As the sole surviving member of President Adar's administration I am the Acting President of the Twelve Colonies. As President, I order you to release all available resources."

"Thank you, madam President. I will take your order under advisement. Corporal, please take the President to a private quarter under guard while we consider the legality and implementation of her order" Aurore said as the guard stepped away from the door and towards the new president.

Rather than keeping up the fight, Julia obliged and followed the guard to a different area. The situation was far from easy, the military need here was clear but if the orders were valid they were left with little choice. Needing to discuss the new situation Aurore walked to a phone and grabbed it. "CIC, this is the CO. Inform Major Tal to meet me in my quarters. Be advised President Lucceia has been placed under arm guard and is not to be contacted by anyone"